Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Solutions
In Charlotte, NC

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Working with Altum LED Is a Bright Idea

  • Increase your ROI by switching to LED lighting
  • Help save the planet with an efficient, environmentally friendly solution
  • Turn over your rebate and tax incentive paperwork to us
  • Enjoy personal service and a long-term relationship
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Altum LED serves a diverse client base with a variety of LED lighting options

An Industry Leader in LED Retrofits with Turnkey Design and Installation Services

In addition to providing LED products directly to electricians and distributors, Altum LED specializes in turnkey LED solutions for clients who own retail, commercial and industrial spaces in North Carolina, South Carolina and eastern Tennessee. As part of this service, we expertly assess, design, engineer, install, project manage and maintain comprehensive LED solutions for customers ranging from small independent warehouses to some of the largest commercial real estate groups. Let us supply LED lighting for your next new construction, renovation or lighting upgrade project!

Our mission is environmental and economic sustainability

Our mission is to design and supply LED lighting solutions that improve function and marketability while reducing the environmental and economic impact. Altum LED takes pride in helping clients realize significant, long term economic gain by not only reducing ongoing energy costs but also identifying available rebates to offset the initial capital costs.

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Providing LED Lights to Charlotte’s Top Real Estate Groups