Are you seeking to cut utility and/or maintenance costs? Could your facility use higher-quality lighting? Have your employees mentioned security concerns around your building or in the parking lot? If so, then your Charlotte, NC industrial facility may be ready for an industrial LED lighting retrofit.

Benefits of a Charlotte, NC Industrial Lighting Upgrade

Improved Lighting Quality

LED lighting more closely resembles natural light than do fluorescent, incandescent or high pressure sodium lights. LED lighting is brighter and more focused for the same power rating, allowing employees to see what they’re doing more clearly, increasing productivity and reducing eye strain. Because less heat is generated from LED lighting, the work environment remains cooler and more comfortable. LED lights do not flicker like fluorescents, which means less distraction.

Greater Energy Efficiency

LED lighting consumes less energy and LED lights do not direct lumens toward the ceiling, which means that you not only save on power bills, but that the environment benefits as well from the decreased energy expended in lighting your industrial facility.

Long-Term Cost Savings

LED lights lasts many times longer than alternative technologies, and this really makes a difference when operating a large industrial building. Replacing lights less frequently offers capital as well as maintenance cost savings. Plus, federal, state and/or utility rebates and tax incentives go a long way in helping you offset your initial retrofit costs.

Industrial LED Lighting Products

Whether you operate a warehouse, manufacturing, cold storage, food processing or telecom/data hosting facility in Charlotte, NC, Altum LED has the optimal LED solution for you. Let our experts analyze your situation and recommend and design the perfect retrofit for your property. We offer a range of products to meet your specific needs, including:

  • High bay lights
  • Low bay lights
  • Exterior building lights
  • Parking lot lights
  • Loading dock lights
  • … and more!