A relationship between lighting and retail sales has long been established. Good lighting creates a pleasing atmosphere, highlights merchandise in the best possible way, and enhances the perception of your business — all of which can encourage patrons to spend more time in your store and spend more money. Is your lighting up to the task? Probably not, if your facility is illuminated by fluorescent lights.

LED lighting provides brighter, targeted, and more inviting, warmer illumination. LED technology is energy-efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective as well, saving you money on utility bills, capital outlays, and maintenance and operating costs. Schedule a consultation with Altum LED for a retail LED lighting retrofit in Charlotte, NC. Let us demonstrate the benefits of LED lighting while recommending the optimal lighting fixtures and lamps to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Lighting retrofit projects range from the simple to the complex. You can retain your fixtures but replace the lights, or you can start from scratch with new LED fixtures chosen and laid out especially for your retail facility. Regardless of which process you prefer, every LED lighting retrofit offers you:

  • Superior light quality (brightness, color and the ability to control direction)
  • Significant long-term cost savings (in terms of energy, capital and operating costs)
  • Reduced need for lighting maintenance and replacement (LED lights have long lifespans)
  • Additional cost savings from government tax incentives and utility rebates
  • Overall increase in your ROI over time

Meeting Retail Store Needs for LED Lighting

We work with all types and sizes of retail stores. No matter how small or how large your building, our professional team helps you select from a wide range of LED lights for retail stores in Charlotte, NC, including recessed, panel, troffer, pendant, low and high bay lighting options. Plus, LED wall packs and floodlights are available for exterior areas such as your walkway and parking lot. We can plan and design your lighting layout, provide engineering and installation, and manage your project from start to finish.

LED Lighting for Shopping Centers and Malls

Are you seeking to upgrade lighting in a shopping center or mall? No problem — Altum LED can handle that, too. With 24/7 lighting in use, shopping centers are in a position to save a bundle when they switch to LED lighting — the more lights you have, the more you save when you switch to energy-efficient, cost-effective LED lighting.

Let us plan, design, engineer and install your shopping mall lighting with our wide selection of LED interior and exterior lights. Highlight your mall façade, signage, landscaping and stores. Increase safety and security with walkway and parking garage lots. Control your lighting’s brightness and direction. And do it all with state-of-the-art LED lighting — and the professional, experienced team at Altum LED.