Altum LED offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED floodlights in the Charlotte, NC area. LED floodlights are superior to other types because they offer the best value for your money while meeting your needs for security and illumination.

LED floodlights are very bright lights (comparable to daylight) that are directed to a specific area from a distance, thus flooding the area with light while eliminating shadows. They can be mounted on building exteriors or on poles to increase security or to highlight a particular object or area.

LED floodlights are lumen-efficient and long-lasting, making them very cost-effective over the long run. Users save money on energy costs as well as maintenance and operating costs due to the need for less frequent replacement. LED lighting conserves heat so you reduce air conditioning costs and decrease the risk of fire and electrical accidents. Durable, reliable LED lighting withstands all weather conditions, so freezing conditions inside or out are not a concern.

Our customers use commercial LED floodlights in the Charlotte, NC area to:

  • Enhance safety and security and reduce accidents, crime and vandalism in outdoor areas such as street corners, pedestrian areas, parking lots, public parks, building entrances and pathways
  • improve visibility for both players and spectators in stadiums and sports arenas, both indoors and outdoors from dusk until dawn
  • Provide a comfortable, safe environment for those who work in warehouses and factories
  • Offer lighting without generating heat in cold storage facilities
  • Highlight and add drama to landmarks, museums, event centers, landscaping and gardens
  • Make billboards and other advertising visible at night