Lighting Retrofitting

Lighting Retrofitting

Are you considering a lighting retrofit in Charlotte, N.C.? At Altum LED, our primary business is retrofitting existing lighting to new, more energy-efficient and cost-effective LED lighting. Whether you want to save energy, spend less on utility bills or just replace your lights less frequently, consider a customized LED lighting upgrade.

Our team is here to help you get the most value from your project. That’s why our retrofit projects include designing, engineering, management and installation services, as well as support on your application(s) for rebates and incentives. Let us help you with your next lighting retrofit!

What Do We Mean by an LED Retrofit?

An LED retrofit is a capital improvement that involves replacing the outdated lighting technology in an existing building or space with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective LED lighting. LED retrofits can mean replacing bulbs while keeping existing fixtures or replacing both the bulbs and the fixtures. Long-lasting, durable LED lighting can be retrofit into both interior and exterior lighting applications.

Reasons to Undertake an LED Retrofit

Why do our customers take advantage of our lighting retrofit services in Charlotte, N.C.? An LED retrofit:

  • Provides better lighting quality — more evenly diffused light, instant-on capability and superior color
  • Improves energy efficiency, which lowers utility bills while protecting the environment
  • Results in significant maintenance savings due to reduced parts and labor requirements
  • Reduces your facility’s air conditioning costs because LEDs emit little heat
  • Offers the opportunity to take advantage of rebates or incentives for converting to LED
  • Can increase the market value of your commercial or industrial property over time
  • Results in an overall increase in ROI due to all the savings mentioned above

Examples of LED Lighting Retrofit Projects

Typical retrofitting of LED lights in Charlotte, N.C., include these types of projects:

  • Building exterior lighting
  • Building interior lighting
  • Sports and event facilities lighting
  • Parking lot and garage lighting
  • Street and pedestrian walkway lighting
  • Billboard and advertising lighting

The Environmental Impact of LED Lighting

There is a tidal wave happening in the lighting industry and we are excited to be along for the ride. You may have noticed over the past few years that LEDs are popping up everywhere. They are in airplane cabins, in computer monitors and in your smartphone. These tiny diodes are disrupting an industry that has seen little change since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879. Hard to believe, but it’s taken 138 years to produce a major change in the lighting industry!

Now airplane lighting and LED TVs are one thing but think about the environmental impact LED lights are having on our planet. That’s probably the best part about LEDs. Because LEDs reduce the amount of power needed to provide the same lumens as fluorescent or incandescent lights, LEDs dramatically reduce the total power consumption needed to achieve the same effect of those traditional technologies. Now that’s a bright spot in our effort to protect Planet Earth!

To learn more about our lighting retrofit services, contact us today.