Parking Lot Lights

Parking Lot Lights

Parking lots can feel scary and intimidating, especially after dark. That’s why owners and managers of parking lots should consider replacing their old metal halide or high pressure sodium lights with commercial LED parking lights in their Charlotte, NC area facilities. LED lighting makes it easier for users to find their vehicles while feeling safe from accidents and secure from crime as they walk to their cars. Plus, the quality of the lighting is so much better that your CCTV security video system will capture incidents more clearly.

LED lighting provides high-quality, uniformly distributed and low-glare illumination with fewer dark spots; improves the look of your parking lot; is environmentally friendly; and saves you money.

Here are a few ways in which LED parking lights save our Charlotte, NC area customers money:

  • LED lights are more efficient at emitting light than other types of bulbs, and because your parking lot is a large portion of your property, you can save a significant amount of money on power bills
  • Efficient, long-lasting LED lights mean less fixture maintenance is required, reducing maintenance and labor costs
  • Your new LED lighting may qualify for money-saving utility rebates and tax incentives; we can help you with the necessary paperwork

Let the experts at Altum LED help you select your parking park LED lighting. Things you need to consider are:

  • Desired lumen output (based on the size of your space)
  • Number of lights per pole (2 or 4 are common)
  • Spacing of your fixtures (depending on how high you go)
  • Color (warm white, natural light or cool white)
  • Mounting types (slip fit, arm mount or yoke)